Imagine Working Until 4:00am and Loving Every Minute of It

See What it’s Really Like to Start, Run and Sell a Vineyard and Winery

Hi, my name’s Peter Svans and for the last 18 years we’ve owned The Gurdies Winery.

Like you, I’ve loved my wines for as long as I can remember and this is our story how we went from being just wine lovers to being full on winemakers.

It’s how we moved from simply interested to passionate and obsessed and all the steps in between.

As most wine lovers do, we started making wines by buying some grapes and turning the backyard into a suburban winery but then things changed. And like all great plans hatched over a few bottles of red we ignored reality and chased our dream to make our own wines on a much bigger scale.

Then, after a lot of searching we bought the most amazing property overlooking the water and moved in on New Years Eve 1992.

Since that time we’ve made and sold a helluva lot of wines, we’ve had hundreds of thousands of people through the cellar door and we’ve won our share of awards.

And every time I talked to anyone about our winery I got pretty much the same reply;

Wow - We've Always Wanted to Own a Winery

I’ve lost count of how many times I got that reply - it seems everyone I spoke to shared the dream of making their own wines.

Well, we lived the dream for 18 years and then sold the winery at a neat profit. Now I’ve had time to sort through the pictures and write the words and this is our story of what it’s really like to own a winery.

It’s not a textbook, it’s not a finance manual and it’s not a step-by-step how-to manual.


It’s what we did and how we did it and all the highs and lows we lived through in those 18 years.

Have a Look at What 'Behind Closed Doors' Vintage Looks Like - Scenes The Public Never Gets to See...

You arrive at a small winery and you see old wine making kit laying around or stuck up on the wall or scattered around as decorations.

But what is it really like to see it in action? What works? What doesn't work?

You get to see the good, the bad and the downright annoying.

Have you ever been to a function at a winery?

Well here’s your chance to peek under the covers of festivals, functions, weddings and find out what makes a great function.

And not only the festivals. You get to see it all, the times that make your spirit soar and the utter heartbreaks.

Not everybody gets the chance to live their dreams but we did.

So here’s your chance to look through our eyes and see what it’s really like to be the owner of your own winery.

It Would Cost You More Than $3 Million and 20 Years of Your Life To Do What We've Done

Do you have that sort of money just laying around?

And do you have a spare 20 years of your life to live this dream?

Probably not is my guess, everyone says they want to grow grapes and make their own wines, but only a few people really get to follow their dream.

But we did.

So here’s your chance to see what it’s really like to live the dream and make your own wines with grapes from your own vineyard.

What Would You Rather Do This Evening, Watch TV or Find Out What It's Really Like To Own Your Own Winery

To buy or build your own winery would cost you at least $3,000,000 and that’s not in a top wine region.

A part-share in a winery starts around $500,000, and even that gets you very limited access to see what really happens.

One bottle of Penfolds Grange will cost you over $520 and anything with more than 96 Parker Points will pull over $200 from your pocket.

And, just one glass of a nice wine will cost you over $15...

So For Less Than The Cost Of One Decent Glass, This Is The Closest You'll Come To Finding Out What It's Really Like To Live The Dream And Make Wine In Your Winery From Your Own Grapes

See What Other People Have To Say...

Sensational book that really gets it right. The book is as easy to read as Campaign Ruby by Jess Rudd. I feel that I should have a stack of hardcover versions ready to give away to those dreamers who come to cellar door. What is clear is that Peter followed a dream but what few realise is that it involves bloody hard work, planning and dedication. He nails all this with humour and passion in an easy to read narrative style.

Review by: David Lloyd

I wasn’t sure what I would find when I bought this book, but my dream is to open winery someday and any information about the process is always interesting to me, so I bought it even with my uncertainty and I am so glad I did too! This book isn’t a “how-to guide” just like the book’s description said, it’s a thorough glimpse at running a successful winery from the very beginning – when the hopes are high, but there is a nervous energy of succeeding to the moment when they realize that they’ve created a winery that is not only solvent, but surpassing expectations as well. I found the author’s writing relatable and really informative from a completely different standpoint than a generic “how to” book. “Making Your Own Wine” is an unbiased, unreserved look at what it takes to run a winery from someone who has actually done it and done it well. This book is just what a person who is contemplating opening a winery needs to read, it will help put the concept of owning a winery in perspective and give them a true look at both the successes and failures to be found in owning a winery!!

Review by: C. Coker

Strongly recommended! Written as an anecdotal story of wine business life, this book provides real life experiences regarding day-to-day operations at a vineyard and winery. Consider this: a text book would tell you to use netting to protect the crop; this book talks about the what a pain in the neck certain types of netting can be; and that's something you wouldn't typically get from more technical sources. Of course, we must still buy and read the textbooks but supplement your reading with this book, you won't be disappointed.

By Anonymous on May 16, 2014

Not only a great resource as we start our own winery, but this offered an entirely new reading experience since it references online pictures and content as well. Loved it!

By creighta on November 18, 2012

An inspiring example of people following their dreams. As well as useful information for anyone who has wondered what it might be like to make their own wine.

Geronimo Marroneon February 4, 2016

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