21st July – News in the Wine World

Oak Heights winery Ontario, Canada opened for business on 21st July 2007. Ian Fraser purchased the property in 2000 after visiting California, Burgundy and Australia. No one has grown grapes commercially in the area due to high altitudes and distance from any moderating lake effect. Fraser is … [Read more...]

19th July – More Trademarks in the Wine World Today

9th Gallo trademark registered on 19th July 1994. The earliest Gallo trademark dates back to 1953. The GALLO trademarks are also registered in the individual states of the United States and in 120 other countries throughout the world The Winery was founded in 1933, by two brothers, Ernest Gallo … [Read more...]

7th July – US GI Label Laws Softened Today 1986

If there was an approved label issued before 7th July 1986, under U.S. Federal law a wine may be labelled with a name of geographic significance without meeting the requirements of the GI. Every American brand name created after 7th July 1986, can be found to be "viticulturally significant" if the … [Read more...]

4th June – Quaker Bitters Patented Today 1872

1872  June 4th, Harvey Flint  patented his Quaker Bitters, a general cure-all with 21.4% alcohol. He had recently left a family furniture business in Providence, Rhode Island-USA, and began making Quaker Bitters under the name Flint & Co. … [Read more...]

24th May – Judgement of Paris Today 1976 Changes Old World Wine Order

May 24, 1976 – The Judgement of Paris takes place in France, launching California as a worldwide force in the production of quality wine. The Paris Wine Tasting of 1976 or the Judgment of Paris was a wine competition organized in Paris on 24 May 1976 by Steven Spurrier, a British wine merchant, in … [Read more...]

19th March – Father of Houghtons White Burgundy Born Today 1905

Jack Mann MBE (19 March 1906-1989) was an influential winemaker in Western Australia and devised Houghton White Burgundy, a wine that became the flagship of the Western Australian wine industry. He was chief winemaker at Houghton Winery in the Swan Valley, from 1930 to 1974 and is considered one of … [Read more...]

17th February – 13.5M Fake French Wine Caught Today 2010

U.S. DRINKS THE LOWEST AMOUNT OF ALCOHOL IN THE DEVELOPED WORLD, FIGURES REVEAL 17th February 2011 • Average American drinks 470 pints of beer a year • Thirty seven per cent of population abstain The U.S. has one of the lowest rates of drinking in the developed world, new figures have … [Read more...]

7th January – 237 Wine Fetches €57,000 at Auction Today 2010

7th February 1876: President Grant's private-secretary Orville acquitted in Whiskey Ring Soon after his appointment as treasury secretary in June 1874, Benjamin Bristow learned that a Whiskey Ring was defrauding the government out of millions of dollars in annual revenue. He ordered an immediate … [Read more...]

28th January – Pre-GFC Wine Money Flowed Freely in 2008

28th January, 2008 For the third year in its six-year history, the Naples Winter Wine Festival has raised more money than any charity wine event in the world! And today's total sets a new record--raising nearly $14 Million!. No other charity wine event has ever raised as much money. Today's auction … [Read more...]

23rd January – Two Buck Chuck No Longer a Napa Brand Today 2006

Supreme Defeat for 'Two Buck Chuck' Maker It's final. Bronco Wine Co. will no longer be able to use "Napa" in the brand names of wines made with few or no Napa grapes. Today 23rd January, the U.S. Supreme Court denied without comment Bronco's last-gasp effort to overturn a California labelling law, … [Read more...]