4th February – Wine and Chocolate

4th February, 1920: Someone had stolen 21 barrels of whiskey which was held at a Pennsylvania brewery. The person who had taken this liquor was sentenced a fine of $7,000. This particular crime had taken place during the Prohibition Era, during a time when the sale of alcohol was not allowed. By … [Read more...]

27th January – Slow News Day in The Wine World

The 2006 edition of American Gold Medal Wines has just been released. The book looks at information from 20 of the most prestigious wine competitions in the United States to find the best of the best in every category -- wines that have been awarded gold medals by panels of experts in blind … [Read more...]

21st November – Quiet Day in the Wine World

Free wine tastings in France could be banned if a suggested amendment to the public health bill is accepted by the government. The amendment, known as 'article 24', was tabled by health minister RoselyneBachelot and discussed by the cabinet last week. The proposal, which outlaws all 'free alcoholic … [Read more...]

29th September – Alternate Judgement of Paris Tasting Organised Today 2006

In a bid to rival the Judgement of Paris tasting, a group of wine tasters called the Grand Jury European is to hold a tasting of Napa Valley and Bordeaux wines next week. François Mauss, founder of the GJE, said he was “not satisfied” by the celebratory 30th anniversary tasting that took place in … [Read more...]

24May – Judgement of Paris Today 1976

May 24, 1976 – The Judgement of Paris takes place in France, launching California as a worldwide force in the production of quality wine. The Paris Wine Tasting of 1976 or the Judgment of Paris was a wine competition organized in Paris on 24 May 1976 by Steven Spurrier, a British wine merchant, in … [Read more...]

Wine Tasting 101

Here's an article I wrote many years ago and it's still a super easy way to get started. Wine tasting is an area of wines where confusion reigns supreme. There is much mystique and tradition associated with tasting wines, but there is no need. By following a few steps, and more importantly … [Read more...]