13th September – Wine Fraud Dealt Another Blow Today 2007

A New Way To Combat Wine Fraud: Prooftag A tamper proof, 'uncopiable' security seals are being introduced by wine producers in France, America and Canada. Wine fraud has been in the news lately. First there was the story in the New Yorker on the infamous Jefferson wines then an article in Slate … [Read more...]

12th July – MN Home Wine Company get Gross Misdemeanor for Selling Wine Without License Today 2006

On 12th July 2006 wine company ‘The Travelling Vineyard’, the marketing arm of Geerlings and Wade are charged with a gross misdemeanour of selling liquor without a license. Advertised as “wine adventures in your home,” The Traveling Vineyard delivers wine to residents for wine tasting parties in … [Read more...]