26th August – 1st World Sauv Blanc Congress Today 2008

First World Sauvignon Blanc Congress opens today 26th August 2008 in Graz, Austria. http://www.worldsauvignon.com/ On August 26,1998 Suntory will begin nationwide marketing of Suntory Limited Beer Fukairi Bakushu, which is made of 100% malt. The company annually releases four different limited … [Read more...]

23rd August – Zinfandel Unmasked

Until only recently, Zinfandel was California's "mystery grape" because its origins were unknown. In 1994, DNA fingerprinting confirmed that the Primitivo and Zinfandel grapes were genetically identical, however, it's not a 100 percent match. There are clonal differences between the Zinfandel grown … [Read more...]

5th July – Master Viticulturist Isidor Bush Died Today 1898

Isidor Bush or Busch (born in Prague, Jan. 15, 1822; died in St. Louis, Missouri, Aug. 5, 1898) was a man of letters, publisher, and viticulturist. Bush was chosen member of the state convention called to abolish slavery and to form a new constitution. He was elected a member of the Missouri state … [Read more...]

31st July – Dr. Harold Olmo UC Davis Viticulturist Born Today 1909

Jose Ignacio Domecq Gonzalez was born today 31st July 1914. The aristocratic head of a Spanish wine-making family was renowned as El Nariz (The Nose) for his ability to sniff out the nuances in the creation of his clan's highly regarded sherries. The Domecq clan owned Pedro Domecq, one of Spain's … [Read more...]

17th July – Phylloxera Was Ravaging France Today 1891

Phylloxera was ravaging the French countryside, vine ‘pulls’ had started and the country was desperate for a solution. On the 17th July 1891 the ‘Syndicat antiphylloxérique’, commonly known as the ‘Grand Syndicate’ was formed. Large grants from the agriculture department, the state, the Chamber of … [Read more...]

10th July – 3 New Grape Varieties Released Today 2006

10th July 2006 Cornell releases three new wine grape varieties; Noiret, Corot Noir and Valvin Muscat, which are adapted to wine-growing conditions in eastern USA. Bruce Reisch, professor of horticultural sciences at Cornell's New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, N.Y. and Thomas … [Read more...]

6th April – First Vineyard Established on Cape of Good Hope 1652

On 6 April 1652 the Cape of Good Hope was established By Jan Van Riebeeck - First commander at the Cape. When Bartolomeu Dias and other Portuguese explorers first encountered the Cape of Good Hope in the 15th century, they found little motivation to colonize the sparse and empty land around the … [Read more...]

30th January – U of Nevada Winery Opened Today 2004 – Still Going…

Grand Opening of Experimental Winery: January 30th, 2004. In the summer of 2003, the University of Nevada constructed a research winery at the Valley Road site. The purpose of the research winery will be to evaluate the varietal characteristics of the wines. The wines will be made with consistent … [Read more...]

18th January – Father of Müller-Thurgau Grape Died Today 1927

Hermann Müller (21 October 1850 – 18 January 1927) was a Swiss botanist and oenologist from the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland. During his time working for the Geisenheim Grape Breeding Institute, he created the Müller-Thurgau in 1882, a variety of grape with high importance in winemaking and the … [Read more...]

15th January – Vitculturist Isidor Bush Born Today 1822

Henry Morris Naglee (January 15, 1815 – March 5, 1886) was a civil engineer, banker, vintner, and a Union General in the American Civil War. Naglee was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1835. Naglee came to California in 1846 during the … [Read more...]