22nd February – Second Growth Bordeaux Wine Under Screw-Cap Today 2007 – Still Big News Back Then

United States Doctors Targets For Multimillion Dollar Wine Fraud Two UK company directors have been disqualified for 15 years for their part in an ingenious £80m wine and spirit investment scam targeting American doctors. Following a trial in the High Court, Robin Grove and Richard Gunter, … [Read more...]

27th October – Cork vs Screwcap Was Still News Today 2007

Copia staged another wine coup this weekend, October 27, 2007, as it provided a battlefield for the ongoing controversy for and against the beleaguered, traditional cork closure and the increasingly popular upstart, the screw cap. Lending their thoughts on the issue, and arguing their cause, where … [Read more...]

22nd January – Second Growth Bordeaux Wine Under Screw-Cap

A Bordeaux second growth chateau will be bottling wine under screwcap, it was revealed today, January 22, 2007. United Kingdom wine merchant Bibendum said 12,000 bottles of Les Tourelles de Longueville, the second wine of Paulliac chateau Pichon-Longueville, will be bottled with the … [Read more...]