24 September – Buzet Wine Harvest Festival Today 2006

September 24 2006 is the official launch of the Buzet Wine Harvest (Ban des Vendanges) at Xaintrailles,(47 Lot-et-Garonne, Aquitaine). This appellation lies to the west of the town of Agen just south of the Garonne river, centred on the town of Buzet-sur-Baise. The appellation is dominated by the … [Read more...]

25th May – Today in National Wine Day

National Wine Day is today, May 25. (National Drink Wine Day was Feb. 18.) Considering its health benefits, food-friendliness and overall deliciousness, maybe wine day should be every day — in moderation, of course. Moderation is considered one drink for women and two drinks for men in a day. For … [Read more...]

12th April – Sambucca Lovers Unite on National Licorice Day Today

For anyone who’s ever loved Sambucca, you won't find this holiday on the calendar, but for licorice lovers throughout the United States, April 12th marks an important holiday . . . National Licorice Day. Licorice is a plant. You are probably most familiar with it as a flavoring in foods, beverages, … [Read more...]