1st September – Naval Spirit Ration Discontinued by Congress Today 1862 and More

1862 Spirit ration was discontinued by act of Congress on 14 July. "Distilled spirituous liquors" were also banned from all naval vessels "except as medical stores and upon the order and under the control of the medical officers of such vessels." Those who are entitled to the spirit ration will … [Read more...]

14th August – First French ‘Definition’ of Wine Today 1889

On the 14 August 1889, a French law was promulgated defining wine as “the product of the partial or complete fermentation of fresh grapes or their juice”. That definition had so far been consensual and was based on a definition of wine as a product solely made out of grapes or musts from grapes. … [Read more...]

12th August – Slow News Day in the Wine World

August 12th 2006, Sapporo Breweries reached a tentative deal to purchase Sleeman Breweries Ltd. for approx. $400 Million. Sleeman Breweries was the largest Canadian owned and operated brewery in Canada until a sale to Sapporo, completed in 2007. This leaves Moosehead as Canada's largest independent … [Read more...]

3rd August – US Navy Commutation for Liquor Ration Increased to 4 Cents per Day 1848 and More

On this day 3rd August in 1848 the US Navy commutation (conversion) rate for the liquor ration was increased to 4 cents per day.   Michael Mondavi was elected to join Delicato Family Vineyards’ board of directors today August 3rd 2006. Delicato produces and imports Irony Napa Valley, 337, … [Read more...]

1st August – Mosel Officially Became Mosel Today 2007 and Lots More

The German wine region of Mosel-Saar-Ruwer officially changed its name to Mosel as a way to become more consumer-friendly. The new name went into effect August 1, 2007 and will apply to all wines starting with the 2007 vintage. Mosel is one of 13 German wine regions (Weinbaugebiete) for quality … [Read more...]

25th July – Mission San Miguel Founded Today 1797 and More

Mission San Miguel, Arcangel was founded on 25th July 1797 by Father Fermin Francisco de Lasuen, who was a successor of Father Junipero Serra as Presidente of the missions. Some two years earlier the site was selected for the mission which was to be named for the "Most Glorious Prince of the … [Read more...]

24th July – First Royal Visit to Vineyard Today 2007 and More

24th July 2007 His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent became the first member of the Royal Family to officially visit an English vineyard when he visited Leventhorpe Vineyard in Leeds. The visit was arranged by the West Yorkshire Lieutenancy in connection with the Queen’s Award for … [Read more...]

17th July – French ‘Grand Syndicate’ Formed Today 1891 to Combat Phylloxera + More

Phylloxera was ravaging the French countryside, vine ‘pulls’ had started and the country was desperate for a solution. On the 17th July 1891 the ‘Syndicat antiphylloxérique’, commonly known as the ‘Grand Syndicate’ was formed. Large grants from the agriculture department, the state, the Chamber of … [Read more...]

14th July – First Ice Made by Refrigeration 1850

14th July 1850 was the first public demonstration of ice made by refrigeration and no cocktail has been the same since. Even the revolutionaries on Bastille Day, 14th July 1789, considered Champagne the appropriate wine to celebrate with on the Champ de Mars 14th to 17th July 1994, Fourth … [Read more...]

10th July – 3 New Grape Varieties 2006 and 3 Lifetime Achievement Awards 2008

10th July 2006 Cornell releases three new wine grape varieties; Noiret, Corot Noir and Valvin Muscat, which are adapted to wine-growing conditions in eastern USA. Bruce Reisch, professor of horticultural sciences at Cornell's New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, N.Y. and Thomas … [Read more...]