5th October – Pilsner First Brewed Today 1842

The Pilsner Fest in the capital of Czech beer The climax to the beer festival season happens in the West Bohemian town of Pilsen. It was here that in 1842 the legendary Pilsner Urquell lager was born. Although a range of beers in Europe and around the world bear the name ‘pilsner’, there is only … [Read more...]

22nd September – Slow Day in the Wine World

Opus One Is Its Own The owners of Opus One, Philippine de Rothschild and Constellation Brands, said Thursday (Sept 22, 2005) that, in the future, the winery will operate more independently from its Napa Valley sibling, Robert Mondavi Winery. The likeness of Mondavi remaining on the label is still … [Read more...]

11th September – British Pint Safe for a While Longer Today 2007

The British pint is safe forever after the European Commission announced a policy U-turn on Tuesday September 11th, 2007 The European Union executive said British and Irish pubs may go on serving beer in pints after 2009, when such measures were due to be phased out. After consulting industry and … [Read more...]

12th August – More Wine Tech Invented 1820

August 12th 2006, Sapporo Breweries reached a tentative deal to purchase Sleeman Breweries Ltd. for approx. $400 Million. Sleeman Breweries was the largest Canadian owned and operated brewery in Canada until a sale to Sapporo, completed in 2007. This leaves Moosehead as Canada's largest independent … [Read more...]

8th August – Charles Stegmaier – Master Brewer Died Today 1906

Charles Stegmaier (7th October 7 1821 – 8th August 1906) learned his trade in his home area of Wurtenberg, Germany. At the age of 27, having been brewmaster at several large local breweries, he set sail for America. He quickly found employment at the small Corporation Brewery in Philadelphia. He … [Read more...]

3rd August – US Navy Liquor Ration Increased Today 1848

On this day 3rd August in 1848 the US Navy commutation (conversion) rate for the liquor ration was increased to 4 cents per day. Michael Mondavi was elected to join Delicato Family Vineyards’ board of directors today August 3rd 2006. Delicato produces and imports Irony Napa Valley, 337, Gnarly … [Read more...]

20th June – Beer Requested at School Lunches – Healthier than Soft Drinks

June 20th, 2001: A beer society in Belgium requested that beer be an option in school lunches. They reasoned that it was more healthy than the soft drinks that were already available. … [Read more...]

15th June – Uniform Measure for Beer Signed Today 1215

Samuel Smith (1812- 15 June 1889), winemaker, was born on 17 July 1812 at Wareham, Dorset, England. He was a successful brewer before he migrated to South Australia with his wife Frances and five children in the China in 1847. After a time at Klemzig near Adelaide, he moved to Angaston where he … [Read more...]

14th June – Beer Drinkers Pay for War Today 1898

A fine example of moving fast and living off the land is the Battle of Marengo, fought 200 years ago today, and the dish created that day off the land, Poulet sauté Marengo. While we learned much about it when visiting Marengo, Italy, we discovered a specialist on the subject in of all places, the … [Read more...]

7th June – Brewer and Inventor Casper Pfaudler Died Today 1889

June 7th, 1889, Casper Pfaudler died today. Pfaudler invented a closed glass enamel brewing system and was the Brewmaster of the Buffalo Cooperative Brewing Co. of Buffalo, NY. … [Read more...]