10th September – Slow News Day in the Wine World

September 10, 2006, The 2006 St. Emilion Classification Released Today Every ten years, a cabal of wine officials gets together to decide who is good, who is better, and who is best in a little town on the North side of the Dordogne River in the Bordeaux region of France. The "Right Bank" as it is … [Read more...]

9th September – Slow News Day in the Wine World

The Union's Save our Suds campaign cumulated in a one-day province wide shutdown of the Breweries on the day before a provincial election, September 9, 1987, and in a rally at Queen's Park, London, Ontario, which received terrific media coverage. The September 9th shutdown of the Breweries was the … [Read more...]

7th September – Heaven Hills Distillery Fill 3.5M Barrel Today 1993

Heaven Hills Distillery - 1993 - Barrel #3,500,000 is filled on September 7th http://factorytoursusa.com/TourDetails.asp?TourID=571&State=&Search=a Suntory to Sell Akadama Sweet Wine in Jumbo Bottle. Suntory will begin selling Akadama Sweet Wine in a new jumbo-sized (1,920-ml) bottle … [Read more...]

6th September – Slow News Day in the Wine World

Coors is Still Official Beer of the NFL - The National Football League and the Coors Brewing Company announced on September 6th, 2005 that Coors will continue to be the "official" beer of football. The brewing company, which is now owned by the Canadian-American conglomerate Miller-Coors Brewing, … [Read more...]

5th September – China Gets Tough on Alcohol Producers Today 2007

Scotland gets tough - The days of cut price and extra free alcohol deals in the corner shop, convenience store or supermarket are coming to an end, as part of tough new measures to tackle Scotland's 'destructive drinking culture' announced by Justice Secretary of the Scottish Parliament, Kenny … [Read more...]

3rd September – Slow News Day in the Wine World

2003-Chateau Rives Blanques - This year’s harvest got off to a brilliant start on September 3rd and came to a brilliant close today with a traditional harvesters’ lunch. Apart from a few wobbly bits in between, the weather was perfect throughout. The excessive heat of the summer brought our harvest … [Read more...]

2nd September – September Declared National Bourbon Month Today 2007

108,500 Tons Harvested - Washington winemakers and wine grape growers felt the 2003 vintage was among the best in history, particularly for red wine varieties. Hot weather hit late in the growing season, nudging the fruit to reach flavor and structural ripeness. Grape harvest began on September 2 in … [Read more...]

31st August – Len Evans – Aus Wine Master Born Today 1930

Leonard Paul Evans AO OBE born 31st August 1930 and died 17th August 2006, was an English-born Australian promoter, maker, judge, taster, teacher and drinker of wine. The Oxford Companion to Wine writes that he did "... more to advance the cause of wine in Australia than any other individual." … [Read more...]

30th August – Michael Jackson – Wine Writer Died Today 2007

Agoston Haraszthy born 30th August 1812 in Pest, Hungary died on 6th July 1869 in Corinto, Nicaragua. Haraszthy was known as the "Father of California Viticulture" or the "Father of Modern Winemaking in California." He founded the Buena Vista vineyards (now Buena Vista Carneros) in Sonoma, … [Read more...]

29th August – Congress Reduces Liquor Ration Today 1842

On 29th August 1842, Congress reduced the amount of liquor issued in the daily ration to one gill (1/4 pint). Also no commissioned officer, midshipman, or enlisted man below the age of 21 was allowed to draw his liquor ration in US Navy. Suntory Japan began marketing WHITE <super CLEAN> … [Read more...]