About Us

Peter, Yolanda and I started making wines in small batches in the backyard.
We’d pick a few hundred kilograms of grapes and turn the cabana into a suburban winery. At times I’m sure the neighbourhood was drunk just from the fumes.
When we’d finished processing I’d run up and down the street on garbage night stuffing the bins with left over stalks, pressings or whatever we had to get rid of.
And then the ‘commercial’ wine making bug bit and bit hard.
Like all good plans hatched over a few bottles of red we decided to ignore reality for a while and chase the dream to make our own wines on a bigger scale.
In the late 1980s we started looking for a vacant block of land where we’d plant our own vines, put up the cellar door and survey our world supping a glass of the best wines ever made; ours.
We looked at many, many vacant blocks and brought in consultants to assess our choices as vacant land was all that fitted our budget. But after three years we were still landless and stuck in our day jobs.
Purely by chance Peter K spotted a small ‘for auction’ advert in the corner of ‘The Weekly Times’. It was way out of our price range but Peter K and Yolanda drove out to check it out.
It was perfect.
It was less than 100km from Melbourne, it was just off the main road to one of Australia’s biggest tourist attractions, there were stunning views down over the water, some vines were in the ground, it had basic winemaking/vineyard equipment and a sandstone house complete with kangaroos in the backyard mornings and evenings.
We ummmed and ahhhhed for a few hours and called back to put in a bid before the auction. I hadn’t seen the place as I was working in Sydney over 1,000km away. But we’d seen so many blocks of land that we knew what we wanted and we knew what we didn’t want. To our surprise the owner took our bid and it was ours.
We moved in on New Years Eve 1992 and our adventures began.
Since that time we’ve made and sold a helluva lot of wines and had hundreds of thousands of people through the cellar door. And every time I shared our story I got pretty much the same reply; Wow, we’ve always wanted to own a winery.
I’ve lost count of how many times I got that reply.
We sold the winery in June 2010 and this is our story of what it’s really like to own a winery.
It’s not a textbook, it’s not a finance manual and it’s not a step-by-step how-to manual.
It’s what we did and how we did it and the highs and lows we lived through.
I still love my wines and everything related to wines and now I’ve got more time on my hands to concentrate on some wine history and wine trivia. You’ll see that happening in the blog posts so please check back regularly or subscribe to our feed… That is if you really love your wines.
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Enjoy the read and always follow your dreams because life is short.