23rd August – Zinfandel Unmasked

Until only recently, Zinfandel was California's "mystery grape" because its origins were unknown. In 1994, DNA fingerprinting confirmed that the Primitivo and Zinfandel grapes were genetically identical, however, it's not a 100 percent match. There are clonal differences between the Zinfandel grown … [Read more...]

22nd August – Slow News Day in the Wine World

Suntory will begin selling a premium grade whisky in commemoration of the 21st century. The company will begin taking orders for the product, dubbed The Century Aged 40 Years, from today August 22nd 2000. The pure malt whisky has been aged in an oak cask for over 40 years. Only 300 bottles of the … [Read more...]

19th August – Father of Chaptalisation Died Today 1695

Christopher Merret born February 16th 1614 and died today August 19th 1695, was an English physician and scientist. He was the first to document the deliberate addition of sugar for the production of sparkling wine and produced the first list of British birds. Two wine festivals were celebrated … [Read more...]

18th August – Slow News Day in the Wine World

Whispering Meadows Winery Grand Opening August 18, 2007 in Oklahoma Major-General Sir Guy Salisbury-Jones, GCVO, CMG, CBE, MC (1896 – 1985) was His Majesty's and then Her Majesty's Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps in the Royal Household of the Sovereign of the United Kingdom from 1950 to … [Read more...]

17th August – Aussie Wine Legend – Deen De Bortoli Born Today 1936

17th August – Aussie Wine Legend Deen De Bortoli Born Today 1936 Deen De Bortoli of De Bortolli Wines Australia was born today 17th August 1936. Deen was instrumental in introducing wine to whole new generation of wine lovers with a fruity Italina style sparkling wine called VITTORIO SPUMANTE. … [Read more...]

16th August – Sparkling Spanish Wine

Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine - Spain´s equivalent to champagne. However, in 1970, the European Union banned the use of the word Champagne, except when used to describe the sparkling wine produced in that small area of France. Cava was first produced by José Raventos in 1872, giving it the name … [Read more...]

14th August – ‘Wine’ First Defined Today 1889

On the 14 August 1889, a French law was promulgated defining wine as “the product of the partial or complete fermentation of fresh grapes or their juice”. That definition had so far been consensual and was based on a definition of wine as a product solely made out of grapes or musts from grapes. … [Read more...]

12th August – First Kiwi Wine Under Screwcap Released Today 2001

The first wine from the New Zealand Screwcap Wine Seal Initiative, formed by 28 growers, is launched today 13th August 2001. The Kim Crawford Marlborough Dry Riesling 2001 heralds the new wave of wine bottle closures in New Zealand. Twenty eight producers have committed to using the screwcap wine … [Read more...]

12th August – More Wine Tech Invented 1820

August 12th 2006, Sapporo Breweries reached a tentative deal to purchase Sleeman Breweries Ltd. for approx. $400 Million. Sleeman Breweries was the largest Canadian owned and operated brewery in Canada until a sale to Sapporo, completed in 2007. This leaves Moosehead as Canada's largest independent … [Read more...]

11th August – Slow News Day in the Wine World

‘A Walk in the Clouds’ was released today 11th August 1995. Directed by Alfonso Arau and starring Keanu Reeves, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón and Anthony Quinn is a love story set in a Mexican-American family's traditional vineyard showcasing different moments in the production of wine. This film was shot on … [Read more...]