23rd July – Robert Parker – Wine Critic – Born Today 1947

Robert M. Parker, Jr. was born today 23rd July in 1947. Parker is a leading U.S. wine critic with an international influence. His ratings on a 100-point scale and his florid tasting notes, published in his newsletter The Wine Advocate, define modern American wine criticism and are a major factor in … [Read more...]

22nd July – Original Mayflower – USA Settlers Ship was in the Wine Trade

The rest of this article is well known history, but now you can say the Mayflower was originally used in the ‘wine trade’. The English ship the Mayflower carried the Separatist Puritans, later known as pilgrims, to Plymouth, Mass., in 1620. The 180-ton vessel was about 12 years old and had been in … [Read more...]

21st July – News in the Wine World

Oak Heights winery Ontario, Canada opened for business on 21st July 2007. Ian Fraser purchased the property in 2000 after visiting California, Burgundy and Australia. No one has grown grapes commercially in the area due to high altitudes and distance from any moderating lake effect. Fraser is … [Read more...]

20th July – England Tops Bubbly Awards Today 2006

20th July 2006, England triumphed as the most successful country for bottle fermented sparkling wines, scooping the Trophy and top medals at the The International Wine & Spirit Competition (http://www.iwsc.net). Nyetimber Classic Cuvée 1998 (http://www.nyetimber.com) won the Trophy for Bottle … [Read more...]

19th July – More Trademarks in the Wine World Today

9th Gallo trademark registered on 19th July 1994. The earliest Gallo trademark dates back to 1953. The GALLO trademarks are also registered in the individual states of the United States and in 120 other countries throughout the world The Winery was founded in 1933, by two brothers, Ernest Gallo … [Read more...]

17th July – Phylloxera Was Ravaging France Today 1891

Phylloxera was ravaging the French countryside, vine ‘pulls’ had started and the country was desperate for a solution. On the 17th July 1891 the ‘Syndicat antiphylloxérique’, commonly known as the ‘Grand Syndicate’ was formed. Large grants from the agriculture department, the state, the Chamber of … [Read more...]

15th July – James Busby – Father of Australian Wine Died Today 1871

James Busby (7th February 1801 - 15th July 1871) is widely regarded as the "father" of the Australian wine industry who imported the first grapevine stock from Spain and France to Australia. He was New Zealand's first public servant who in March 1832 was appointed to the position of British Resident … [Read more...]

14th July – First Ice Made by Refrigeration Today 1850 – Cocktails Never the Same Again

Even the revolutionaries on Bastille Day, 14th July 1789, considered Champagne the appropriate wine to celebrate with on the Champ de Mars 14th July 1850 was the first public demonstration of ice made by refrigeration and no cocktail has been the same since. 14th to 17th July 1994, Fourth … [Read more...]

13th July – Quiet Day in the Wine World

13th to 15th July 1995, Fourth World Vinifera Conference held in Seattle WA discussing defining world-class wines and related general subjects. Visionary wine personality Allen Shoup, the former president of Stimson Lane was crucial in securing this conference for Washington State. 13th July 2007 … [Read more...]

11th July – Aus Wine Pioneer Hans William Henry Irvine Died Today 1922

The Norton/Cynthiana grape officially became the Missouri State Grape on July 11, 2003. The Norton/Cynthiana grape (Vitis Aestivalis) is the oldest American grape still being grown. Regardless of the mysteries and controversies surrounding its origins, there is no argument that the small grape … [Read more...]